ENEI 2013

Encontro nacional de estudantes de informática conference's website

Project developed to handle all online interaction with the Oporto's ENEI 2013 community. The website has a news feed, information about the event (program, speakers, prices, etc), registration platform (along with the registration fee) for individuals or parties, workshop registrations and it's internationalized in portuguese and english.
It was built from scratch using PHP, using the best practices, HTML5 and CSS3.

3D modeling workshop

Universidade Junior 2013 workshop website

I was monitor for several workshops about 3D modeling for kids from 13-14 years old. This simple website was created for a single point of access, a place where they could get more information about the workshop, download the manual, store and showcase what each kid did during the workshop.
No framework was used, just PHP, CSS and HTML. The website was built to be fully responsive and with unobtrusive javascript.

Arraial de Engenharia

Promotional website for the 2013's Arraial

A quick website put together to promote FEUP's Arraial de Engenharia 2013. The video selector and band info widgets are made especially for this. It also features a background with a parallax effect, which was something new for me.
As always, i try to refrain from using javascript animations and opt for hardware accelerated ones. The boost over performance pays off the inferior flexibility.


AEFEUP's T list electoral campaign website

Simple website to showcase the members applying for AEFEUP's social organs, and their valors and motivations.
Since there wasn't a required backend, it was developed using only HTML5 and CSS3, and it was given special attention to visual transitions, navigation's user interface.

PS: we won.


Project for PT Inovação through FEUP's LGP

On my 4th year at FEUP, I had a class named LGP, Laboratório de Gestão de Projectos, whose aim was to give a more professional experience since it made us work with an real company.
So, in partnership with PT Inovação, we created this project which focus shopping limits for the buyer through easy definible periodic user set caps, and ease of sell and product management for the merchant.
It was given a great importance to UX, User experience, a simple, clean design was used and heavily integrated with unobtrusive javascript and ajax calls.
It was developed using RoR, Ruby on Rails.

Personal website

You're looking at it

The creation of this presentation webpage was mainly due to my master's dissertation. It was an requirement and I decided to spend some extra effort on it and develop something that could serve me in the foreseeable future, along with the chance to expand my web engineering expertise.
As for the page itself, we have a customized fully responsive layout, microdata relating the several mentioned entities, animated page transitions along with AJAX loadings built using the Reactive Extensions (RxJS), and last but not least, a special focus on UX.

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